The Importance of Language

Our voices, our languages define and articulate our sense of self and belonging. Our languages help us communicate across generations, access our communities and understand traditional knowledge that without language would disappear. Language links us to our ancestry and to our cultural story.

There is overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of maintaining the family heritage language. Children have a unique ability to learn and absorb more than one language, and research shows bilingual children have increased abilities academically, emotionally and socially.

In a globalising world and one of the most culturally diverse country’s, we as Australians are more and more likely to find ourselves living next door to, going to school with, working beside or falling in love with someone of a different cultural heritage to us. Our children are more likely to have parents from two different cultural backgrounds who may speak two different languages. Understanding and celebrating our diversity and cultural heritage starts at home with the family, extends to the community and then the country to create a world of respect and harmony.