News about First Languages in Australia

Check out this exciting collaboration :

First Languages Australia and ABC Regional are collaborating to see hundreds of fifteen second sound bites in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages created and aired on ABC Regional Radio across the country.

The sound bites are known as station IDs as they identify the radio station. Around the country, radio producers have been working with Indigenous community members to record and edit the IDs for broadcast.

First Languages Australia manager, Faith Baisden, sees this project as a bridge between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, our national broadcaster and regional audiences.

“This is a project of international significance”, she says, “allowing all listeners to connect with the first languages of Australia – among the oldest spoken languages in the world. People will come to understand the diversity of these hundreds of languages and the strong connection between the speakers and their lands.

“First Languages Australia works to ensure recognition and respect for Australia’s first languages, whether they are still strongly spoken today, proudly being revived, or those that haven’t been heard for many years.”

“Our collaboration with ABC Regional supports language groups around the country to have their voices heard proudly and strongly in the media landscape”, says Faith.

For full media release click here

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